What is the Blueprint for Your Life? – Robyn Ray

Allcolour23 September 2013, 8.30 pm – 9.30 pm

The Lunar Gestation Cycle or Metonic Moon Phases is based on a very ancient understanding and in recent years has been explored in the work of Dietrich Pessin.

The phases of the Moon can be used to plan projects, observe relationship patterns and identify major life events as they unfold.  It will also show how to use this very important timing device to guide you in understanding your own chart and those of your clients, as well as the events in the world around you.

We can explore how events in our lives are seeded at the New Moon and how they develop with the predictable, inter-linking nine monthly Moon phases. Find out how to understand how to find the main themes in your life.

Robyn Ray

Robyn has been a student of astrology since 1980 and has worked as a professional astrologer and counsellor since 1990. Her passion is teaching and running workshops.

She believes that most people can benefit from learning enough astrology to be able to use their own charts, as a guide to dealing with some of life’s challenges.  In this respect, regular mini courses are arranged for this purpose.

Robyn is also an avid supporter of the APAI, an organisation supporting Professional Astrologers. Having joined the APAI in its very first year, she spent many years as a Council Member and Treasurer. To find out more or to contact Robyn, go to www.robynray.com

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