The astrology of accidents – Santiago Mantas

SantiagoMantas27th January 2014 – 07 : 00

Some people are accident-prone, which can be seen in the horoscope . Others succumb to accidents as a result of circumstances shown by their transits. This talk will be illustrated by a selection of natal horoscopes.

Santiago Mantas has been a member of the Astrological Lodge for 30 years. He is interested in horary, electional, natal and mundane astrology. He specializes in the astrology of earthquakes and of accidents, both individual and mundane. He has lectured for the Astrological Association, and was the first astrologer on Astro Live Link, where he worked for four years.

Santiago is a professional conductor, pianist and composer.

This will be his first talk at the Lodge for about 15 years.

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