Sins of the forefathers come to rest on the children: Psychological astrology – Sonal Sachdeva

SonalSachdeva24th February 2014 – Whole Evening

For the best part of a century, analysts have cherry picked C.G Jung’s psychotherapeutic findings. Yet his more esoteric work forms the basis of psychological astrology; enabling significant developments in chart interpretation techniques.

In this seminar, family dynamics over generations are examined from the psychological astrologer’s perspective. Explained are how these techniques can highlight striking similarities in personality traits, some less favourable than others, which can remain buried in the family psyche, while continually manifesting in subsequent generations.

Originally a systems analyst and a systems, database and a website designer, Sonal has worked and lived all over the world. Her life experiences in India, Far East, North America, Europe gave impetus to the desire to connect with people from eclectic backgrounds. This spurred her into the study of astrology and making films to express her thoughts and emotions about the many interesting facets of people she has come in contact with.

Her own reflections into self has also led her to become a practicing psychological astrologer and to be trained at the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA). Sonal runs a group called Circle of Divine, ( which does seminars, video podcasts and launching a range of products called Astro essences, which are facial and wellbeing oils according to one’s sun, moon & ascendant signs.

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