Karmic Ripples – 1 – Ana Isabel

20th February 2012 8:30pm

In this class, Ana Isabel looks at the Moon’s Nodes and what they reveal about karma and the soul’s journey

Ana Isabel is an astrologer and astrology teacher and broadcaster. She runs study groups, teaching astrology for self-development and those interested in becoming astrologers. Ana is heard regularly on BBC radio and is now hosting an astrology programme, Lightways, on the internet radio station: My Spirit Radio.

Ana combines hypnotherapy and astrology to help unblock repressed aspects of our personality. She is also working on the links between the birth chart, karma and pre-birth experiences.  Ana is a biodynamic gardener and you can follow her astrological, biodynamic and hypnotherapy blogs on Facebook or on her website. www.lifeastrologer.com, www.myspiritradio.com .

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