Cycles 1. Sun/Moon/Earth – Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton

3rd March 2014 – 08 : 30 PM

Ecliptic, Celestial Equator, Obliquity, Seasons, Diurnal/Annual cycles, Lunar cycles and phases, Nodes, Eclipse types etc.

Andrew Morton is an astrologer from the United Kingdom. It is the use of astrology as a tool for self-reflection and continuing personal growth that Andrew most values and passes on to his clients and audiences. His perspective is multi-disciplinary, encompassing symbolism, sacred geometry, mythology, astronomy and cutting-edge science – all of which, along with the essence of divine timing, serve to bring clients, audiences and readers into greater resonance with their highest selves. Andrew is a contributing writer for various publications, both printed and online, and is a former Vice-President of the Astrological Lodge of London, where he is the founding organizer of the Lodge’s “Astrology and Healing” seminar, currently in its ninth year.
Andrew presents lectures, workshops and classes throughout England, Europe and North America on a variety of Astrological & closely related Astronomical topics and techniques. In 2012 he presented at UAC in New Orleans and SOTA in Niagara Falls on the hidden depths revealed through the insights of “Harmonic Astrology”. The scope of the material that he teaches is always geared to the level of understanding of his audience, and always accessible. With a highly engaging style of communication, Andrew has the unique ability to challenge seasoned astrologers whilst explaining subtle nuances to astrological newcomers.

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