Solar Eclipse Paths and the Fate of Mankind – Keith Magnay

Keith-Magnay28 April – 8.30pm – Keith Magnay

Keith Magnay has been pondering the historical process and the human condition for over 40 years and the relationship between astrology, the individual and history for 30. Two years ago he was prompted to investigate the connections between eclipses and the historical process. Analysing the graphics showing the paths of the shadows over the earth during solar eclipses in Solar Fire’s Solar Maps he noticed that those that passed over political communities often correlated with major historical conflicts and shifts in power relations. This led to his publishing in May 2013, of The Wheals of God, 1801-2026, which he describes as the equivalent of the Origin of Species for understanding how history and human conflict work. This talk will give examples of the connections between solar eclipse paths and the major conflicts of the past two hundred years, explore the implications of these correlations and look at current and near future eclipses and their likely destabilising effects.

Keith has a BA in History and Sociology from York University and was a print journalist for a full Saturn cycle, facilitating a Jupiter/Saturn cycle of global travel. In a full life he has been a local councillor, strike leader, entrepreneur, financial consultant and Rosicrucian Adept. He has spoken before to the Lodge on Existential Astrology and has written for the AA journal

on mundane astrology, including the conflict in Syria, Scottish independence and the Euro. He is also trained in shamanic soul retrieval, past live regression therapy and soul-based astrology providing these services through

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