14th February 2011 Attraction Kim Farnell

14 February 2011
7:00 Attraction Kim Farnell

Astrologers spend hours worrying about compatibility, but what’s the point if you haven’t attracted someone to be compatible with? An examination of the astrological factors behind attraction and how to use them to your advantage. Kim Farnell is the President of the ALL, and has several books to her credit.
8:30 Healing with Astrology – part II Adam Smith Astrology gives us a more holistic view of the world. Looking at the role remedial measures such as herbs, talismans and gemstones play in helping clients with challenging astrological patterns. Adam Smith is the astrologer for the Sydney Sun Herald and the Melbourne Age. He is past editor of the AA Journal and the Astrology Quarterly and his columns have appeared in The Daily Mirror, Elle, and BBC magazines. His book ‘Saturn, Fatal Attraction’ is now available. www.astroboogie.com
8:30 Charts Discussion (Tea Room)

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