Event – The Astrological Lodge of London Astrology & Healing Seminar

Sunday 17th June 2012 10am to 5pm

Laura Boomer-Trent – The Heaven’s Healing Heart
Eilyen Feirbairn – Strengthening of Light and Waking the Spirit
Tom Morley – Music and Healing
Wanda Sellar – Healing Patterns in the Chart
Phoebe Wyss – Healing the Generation: Family Patterns in the birth chart

Ticket prices:

Save Money Book in Advance Tickets: £35 members   £40 non members
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On the Door Prices £40 Members £45 non Members

Includes Vegetarian Lunch

Tickets below £40 Non Members £35 members

Healing Day
Member£35.00 GBP Non-Member£40.00 GBP

Phoebe Wyss – Healing the Generations: Family Patterns in the Birth Chart

We are each born as a member of a family, carrying family patterns in our DNA and absorbing them from our karmic field. The problematic characters from our family history – perpetrators and victims, helpers and the helpless, despots and wastrels – can all be found in our birth chart. It’s up to us now, as living family representatives, to help heal old wounds and release our ancestors from the spell.

After university, with a BA in English and Philosophy and an MA in English (University of Reading), she went to Germany to work as a lecturer in English at Hanover University, where she taught English language and literature for twenty years. Astrology, however, had always been her passion, and in 1985 she left English teaching to become a full-time professional astrologer. She continued to work in Germany from 1985-96 counselling, teaching astrology classes, holding workshops, and giving public talks. www.astrophoebe.com

Eilyen Feirbairn – Strengthening our Light and Waking the Spirit

The talk will be based on unifying our wisdom with vibrational links to strengthen the perspective of the self.Self- expression is key to enlighten the pathway in waking our spirit. We will use planetary positions to enlighten which energy system to tap into and thereby assist the choice of pulse points and essential oil blend to use.

Eilyen is currently a Council member of IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists), as head of PR. She is a progressive, dedicated person involved with the essence of wellbeing in the mind, body and spirit. With this in mind she has developed her own Integral Healing Treatment. www.centerofunifiedhealing.net

Laura Boomer-Trent – The Heaven’s Healing Hart

The brilliant Sun, our solar systems’ heart-star, gives life, light & warmth. In astrology, it is the Sun which guides one towards the healthy radiant self. But why is it sometimes so difficult to realise that inherent luminous consciousness?

Writer, astrologer and teacher, Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background with an earlier career in film, television and video. Involved with the holistic world for nearly 30 years, her astrological mentor was the late Howard Sasportas, co-founder of the Centre of Psychological Astrology. Since studying at the ‘Tibetan Medical and Astro-Science Institute’ in India 1996-97, Laura synthesises Western astrology with Eastern philosophy and associated healing arts (Chinese, Vedic and Tibetan). She also pioneered astrology on television with C4’s ‘Astrology Show’ in 1990, and was BBC astrologer for ‘Good Morning…’ Laura also has a busy consultation practice, dividing her time between London and France.

Wanda Sellar – Healing Patterns in the Chart

A look at aspects and how by going backwards, we can go forwards. Example charts with real live clients from the audience will illustrate the talk.

Wanda Sellar is the editor of the ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter’, and is an ex-President of the Lodge. She has written two books on astrology: ‘The Consultation Chart’, and ‘Introduction to Medical Astrology’. She has just returned from Japan where she gave a talk on karmic astrology and a workshop on medical astrology.

Tom Morley – Music and Healing

Music and rhythm simultaneously stimulate the left and right sides of the brain. Left (logical) and right (creative) synchronicity is a highly desirable state, allowing people to work in the flow, rather than against it. To achieve this, the main focus is on a willingness to try something new, which is totally different from the everyday routine.

Tom has been involved in music since the 1980’s, when he and fellow art student Green founded the group Scritti Politti. His pop roots led him to world music and he developed a keen interest in African harmony singing, and African drumming.

When you see Tom performing it comes as no surprise that he has over 10 years track record in workshops and corporate events – backed up by his experiences in front of an audience in London’s stand-up comedy clubs. Tom can charm almost any group into opening their mouths and singing.


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