Neptune as the Key to Understanding Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ – Priscilla Costello

8:30 pm 26th June 2017

Remarkably many of Shakespeare’s beloved works have an astrological
signature.  “The Tempest” is undoubtedly keyed to Pisces and its
traditional ruler Jupiter (plus its modern ruler Neptune).  We’ll explore
how to determine the keys to the play and discover ideas in it that tell
us much about the positive use of Neptune and the profound spiritual
philosophy that underlies the work.  We’ll discover how the action of the
play as well as the characters and important themes are entirely in accord
with its astrological symbolism. This will give you a greater
understanding and appreciation of the play as well as elucidate the
elusive Neptune!
Biography: Priscilla Costello, M.A., Dipl. CAAE, is an educator, speaker, and writer
who has spoken widely for groups and at conferences throughout the U.S.
and Canada–and now in England!  Founder and Director of The New
Alexandria, a centre for religious, spiritual and esoteric studies, she is
the author of two books: “The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical
Astrology”, a unique introduction to the basics of astrology linking it to
psychology, religion, and esoteric wisdom and “Shakespeare and the Stars:
the Hidden Astrological Keys to Understanding the World’s Greatest
Playwright”. Her interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet” can be found at  More about her at or

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