Saturn, Pluto and Chariklo – Melanie Reinhart

13th November 2017 – 8:30pm

In the Greek mythology, Chariklo is the wife of Chiron, and her name was given to a “Centaur” object discovered on 19.2.1997. She is within orb of conjunction with Pluto throughout 2017-2021, making three exact contacts in 2019, and one with Saturn shortly after the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on 20.1.2020. We imagine, explore and cultivate this theme, preparing ourselves for the intensity of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Since 1959, astrology has been central to Melanie Reinhart’s life and since 1975 she has been offering consultations, writing and teaching in the UK and worldwide. She has published original research on the minor planet Chiron and the “Centaurs”, and her special interest is contemplative work.

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