The Pervasive Power of the 9th House – Tahran Read

8th May 2017 – 7PM

What is the real meaning of cadency and how do we practically interpret their significations for clients? We explore a novel approach to unlock the power of the 9th house in a chart. This talk presents the pervasive influence of the 9th house on the primary paths of our life, and its important role as a guide to the practicing astrologer. Many case example charts are presented.

Tahran Read, DMA., DAS., is the owner of Spica Astrology, a professional astrological practice based upon a strong foundation in the tradition, combined with modern techniques that work in tandem to establish a pragmatic approach to astrology for the client. He has an engineering background in the oil and gas industry. He is currently pursuing in-depth studies into Vedic Astrology as a complement to his western astrological foundation. For more information about Tahran’s qualifications, publications, and speaking events, visit

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