The Lodge is a registered charity in England and Wales since 1987 and has its own formal constitution. At the Annual General Meeting each November, the management Committee is formed by Lodge members, who stand for election individually and are accepted by members’ votes as the charity trustees.

Elected Committee Officers:

    • Lodge President: Kim Farnell (Email), since 2008
    • Lodge Vice President: Israel Ajose (Email), re-elected
    • Lodge Secretary: Sue Farebrother (Email)
    • Lodge Treasurer: Gill Dorren  (Email), re-elected

Keka is available for advice if you wish to make any donations to the Lodge.

Other Elected Committee Members:

Adam Fronteras, Theo Naicker, James O’ Reilly, Simeon Posner, Sonal Sachdeva, Geraldine Williams

If you would like to get involved with the Lodge please email the President. Thank you.

Non-Elected Officers as appointed by the Committee:

  • Charity Commission Representative: Alison Kelly
  • Beginners’ Class Tutor: Jadranka Coic “Keka” (Email)
    The Beginners’ Class precedes the Monday evening lectures.
  • Programme Co-ordinator: Wanda Sellar (Email)
    Contact us if you are an astrologer, who would like to lecture at the Lodge or if you would like to recommend a speaker.
  • Membership Secretary: (Email)
  • Quarterly Editor: (Email)
    The Quarterly was first published in 1926 by Charles Carter. It is issued free to members or copies can be bought for £4.50 per issue. Please contact the editor if you wish to offer an article, place an advertisment or request copies.
  • Webmaster: Adam Fronteras (Email)
  • APAE* Representatives: Sonal Sachdeva

President Emeritus: Claire Chandler

Past Presidents:

Bessie Leo, Charles Carter, Ronald Davison, Chester Kemp, Geoffrey Cornelius, Derek Appleby, Nicholas Campion, Steven Sinclair, Bernard Eccles, Wanda Sellar, Claire Chandler 2002-2008.

* The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education (APAE)

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