Horoscope Day

ALL_LogoSunday 30th October

With Shelley von Strunckel, Yasmin Boland, Kim Farnell and Adam Smith

At 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA
£35 Lodge members/£45 non-members

Doors open 9:30 for 10 am start
Coffee available on arrival

A full day seminar on horoscope columns for both beginners and those who want to improve their techniques

History of Sun Sign Columns
Techniques for Writing Horoscope Columns
Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Writing Horoscopes
Is it Real Astrology?
Selling Astrology to the General Public
Sunsign techniques in other traditions
Horoscope Writing Workshop

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The Mystical 12th House – Wanda Sellar

Wanda_Sellar31st October 2016 – 7:00pm

The weavers of magical effects are consigned to the 12th House, along with angels, holy men, astrologers and mediums. Here is an examination of the more mystical side to the 12th house and its effect on two remarkable men.

Wanda Sellar, Dip.Astrol., Q.H.P., is a past president of the Astrological Lodge and current editor of the A.A.’s ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter. She has written three books on astrology: The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology and Introduction to Decumbiture. She is the principal of the Iceni Medical Astrology Course, and can be contacted on wanda.sellar@gmail.com

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Astrological Magic – Israel Ajose

Israel Ajose31st October 2016 – 8:30pm

  Magic has always used astrological influences and times which are more potent to fine tune the effect of a ritual or ceremony to achieve a desired result. In this lecture I will be demonstrating various ways in which this can be done by utilising the most potent universal windows of time.

 Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol  is an astrological teacher, transpersonal therapist consultant, and director of Astrology of the (Psyche) Soul, and has been practicing since 2007, after studying and completing full honours in psychological astrology at The Centre of Psychological Astrology. He is also the current secretary for the Astrological Lodge of London.

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The Signature of the Celestial Spheres: The Dance of the Planets – Hartmut Warm

7th November 2016 – 7:00pm   

Modern astronomical procedures have enabled Hartmut to discover astounding harmonic and musical structures and wonderfully aesthetic movement figures in our solar system. The results are represented with the aid of computer projections that provide a remarkable experience for astrologers and for anyone interested.

 Hartmut Warm is an independent researcher in planetary astronomy and harmony of the spheres. He lectures in several European countries on his discoveries relating to the solar system and its inherent order. His book Signature of the Celestial Spheres was translated from German and published by Rudolf Steiner Press in 2010. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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ALL_Logo7th November 2016 – 8:30pm

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Forensic Astrology: A Murder Case – Theodore Naicker

ALL_Logo14th November 2016 – 7:00pm

Traditional and modern techniques are applied to investigate causes and allegations from a murder case from South Africa. Topics covered include Rectification, Profections, Firdaria, Solar Returns and Solar Arcs, followed by a discussion about the role of Ethics in Astrology.

Theo Naicker was born in Durban, South Africa in 1987. He began studying modern psychological astrology in 2010. Giacomo Calabrese, a student of Robert Zoller, introduced Theo to the astrological tradition in 2011, and he subsequently completed CMA and DMA qualifications in 2012. Two years later, Theo completed his Practicing Astrology Diploma with Rod Suskin, the most prominent astrologer in South Africa. He is currently studying Vedic astrology with Kenneth Johnson. Theo’s current approach and method is based upon a strong foundation in traditional astrology, combined with modern techniques that work in tandem to establish a pragmatic approach to astrology for the client. He is also pursuing the STA Horary Practitioner’s Course and the LSA Diploma. He began seeing clients in 2012 professionally (www.spicastrology.com). He has a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University (Lubbock, USA), and works as a Petroleum Reservoir Engineer in the offshore oil and gas industry based in London. Studied Vedic astrology with Kenneth Miller (not Johnson)

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Stieg Larsson: The man behind the novels – Alison Kelly

ALL_Logo14th November 2016 – 8:30pm

Stieg Larsson is best known as the author of the best selling Millennium trilogy of  crime novels (i.e. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), published posthumously to great acclaim. What drew him to write of such grisly serial murders?

Alison has been a member of the Lodge for several years, serving on the committee for many of them.

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Boundless: Visions in the Past, Dreams of the Future – Christina Rodenbeck

Christina-Rodenbeck21st November 2016 – 7:00pm

When Neptune, the planet of illusion, art and ideals is most powerfully placed in Pisces, do artists become more visionary, poets more spiritual, composers more boundless? Christina looks back at previous transits to see if we can detect some fishy themes.

Christina Rodenbeck writes and manages The Oxford Astrologer, a website devoted to making serious astrology more beautiful, more accessible and more relevant. She has been practicing as a professional astrologer since her first child was born in 2003. Her first real astrology lesson was here at the Lodge at the evening sessions back in the 1990s.

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The Class of 1942 – Carole West

Carole-west21st November 2016 – 8:30pm

As Carole’s 74th birthday looms, she looks at charts of those born in the same year, including Billy Connolly and Jimi Hendrix.

Carole West has served on the committee of the Lodge for almost 20 years. After a break she is now back again arranging the programme with Wanda Sellar. She does not count herself as an experienced astrologer – more a forever student!

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East West Wisdom – Judy Hall

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