The 2014 Grand Cross – Steve Judd

Steve-Judd28 April 7pm – Steve Judd

Steve will explore the roots of the current planetary patterns and suggest ways that astrologers can use the resultant energy to empower their clients into a more healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Steve Judd is an astrologer with 30 years’ experience bringing astrology to the world with consulting rooms in Bath, UK. He works on character analysis, past explanation, present expansion and future exploration, relationship interaction and locational issues using AstroCartoGraphy. He has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University, and runs the Green Gathering with others.

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Solar Eclipse Paths and the Fate of Mankind – Keith Magnay

Keith-Magnay28 April – 8.30pm – Keith Magnay

Keith Magnay has been pondering the historical process and the human condition for over 40 years and the relationship between astrology, the individual and history for 30. Two years ago he was prompted to investigate the connections between eclipses and the historical process. Analysing the graphics showing the paths of the shadows over the earth during solar eclipses in Solar Fire’s Solar Maps he noticed that those that passed over political communities often correlated with major historical conflicts and shifts in power relations. This led to his publishing in May 2013, of The Wheals of God, 1801-2026, which he describes as the equivalent of the Origin of Species for understanding how history and human conflict work. This talk will give examples of the connections between solar eclipse paths and the major conflicts of the past two hundred years, explore the implications of these correlations and look at current and near future eclipses and their likely destabilising effects.

Keith has a BA in History and Sociology from York University and was a print journalist for a full Saturn cycle, facilitating a Jupiter/Saturn cycle of global travel. In a full life he has been a local councillor, strike leader, entrepreneur, financial consultant and Rosicrucian Adept. He has spoken before to the Lodge on Existential Astrology and has written for the AA journal

on mundane astrology, including the conflict in Syria, Scottish independence and the Euro. He is also trained in shamanic soul retrieval, past live regression therapy and soul-based astrology providing these services through

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On 8 September 2014 there will be an Open Evening

On 8 September 2014 there will be an Open Evening.Astrolodge

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Autumn term 2014 begins on 15 September

AstrolodgeAutumn term 2014 begins on 15 September

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When is a Symbol not a Symbol? And when is a Symbol a Sign? – Nick Campion

20th January 2014 — 07 : 00 PM

NickCampionWhen is a Symbol not a Symbol? And when is a Symbol a Sign? –  Nick Campion

Astrology is often defined as a symbolic language. But what exactly is a symbol, and does it mean for the reality, or otherwise, of the horoscope? Nick will have many questions. You may have the answers!

Nick Campion is course director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and Senior Lecturer in the School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. His books include the major two-volume History of Western Astrology, and Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West.

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Venus as a symbol in mythology, astrology and literature through the ages – Darby Costello


20th January 2014 — 07 : 45 PM – 08 : 30 PM

Venus as a symbol in mythology, astrology and literature through the ages - Darby Costello

The planet Venus was one of the first to take on the symbolism of a powerful aspect of nature.  It became associated with love, sex and war very early in our history.  This talk will examine the development of this archetype into our current astrological Venus and what it says about our love natures and how we fight for what we love.

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Sky and Symbol: a book launch and party


20th January 2014 — 08 : 30 PM

This evening, to start the new term, we are hosting a launch for the latest volume of Sophia Centre conference proceedings, Sky and Symbol, edited by Nick Campion and Liz Greene, with two talks, followed by drinks and nibbles.

Drinks and nibbles courtesy of the Sophia Centre Press. Nick will be signing books.

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The astrology of accidents – Santiago Mantas

SantiagoMantas27th January 2014 – 07 : 00

Some people are accident-prone, which can be seen in the horoscope . Others succumb to accidents as a result of circumstances shown by their transits. This talk will be illustrated by a selection of natal horoscopes.

Santiago Mantas has been a member of the Astrological Lodge for 30 years. He is interested in horary, electional, natal and mundane astrology. He specializes in the astrology of earthquakes and of accidents, both individual and mundane. He has lectured for the Astrological Association, and was the first astrologer on Astro Live Link, where he worked for four years.

Santiago is a professional conductor, pianist and composer.

This will be his first talk at the Lodge for about 15 years.

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Vedic Astrology for Westerners – Adam Smith

AdamSmith27th January 2014 – 08 : 30 PM

Jyotish shares much in common with its tropical cousin: planets, signs and houses. This three-week course focuses on predictive tools and symbolism such as the Nakshatras, the Dasha system and Planetary Yogas. Together, these techniques will add a new dimension to your astrology.

Adam Smith is the astrologer for the Sydney Sun Herald and his columns have also appeared in Elle, The Daily Mail, and BBC magazines. He is the past editor of the AA Journal and the Astrology Quarterly. His book ‘Saturn, Fatal Attraction’ is now available.

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Understanding the Jupiter & Saturn cycle – Julian Venables

JulianVenables3rd February 2014 – 07 : 00 PM

Julian explains the cycle of the great ‘Chronocrators’ occurring every 20 years. The last one was in 2000 and the next one in 2020. By following their 20-year pattern you understand your social destiny and the quest for concrete achievements in the world.

Julian Venables discovered astrology 22 years ago and knew he’d found his life’s passion. He decided to become professional in 2003 and began studying through the Faculty of Astrological Studies, attending five consecutive Oxford university summer schools. He was awarded the Diploma in 2010. He also did Deborah Houlding’s traditional horary course in 2006. Julian has travelled the world giving astrology lectures including Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; New York City and Atlanta, USA and London, UK. When he was in Australia in 2007 he was commissioned to write the midpoint interpretations for ‘Solar Fire Gold’ astrology software.

For the last four years he’s been writing a daily horoscope column on the web for

He has regularly appeared on BBC local radio phone-ins and interviews in his hometown of Brighton and Hove. He has taught beginners classes there and gives regular lectures and presentations at his local astrology circle.

He is currently writing his first novel and bringing up his toddler daughter.

Call Julian on +44 7881 425498 for a reading or any other enquiries. He looks forward to hearing from you.

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