Ronald Davison’s ‘Astrological Principles in Western Astrology’ – Roy Gillett

Roy Gillett9th March 2015  7pm

Roy will deliver a lecture from the 1980s by former Lodge president Ronald Davison on the subject of ‘Astrological Principles in Western Astrology’. Roy will link Davison’s chart to his lecture.

Roy Gillett B.Ed(Hons Ldn), ACII combines twenty years of experience in City of London business and school teaching with forty more as an astrologer and Buddhist. He is President of Britain’s The Astrological Association and a Trustee of London’s Jamyang Buddhist Centre. He speaks for astrology on the media, is a regular presenter at international conferences and writes The Astrological Journal’s mundane astrology news column. His Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth makes a powerful case for the central role of astrology in 21st century ideas and society. His Economy, Ecology and Kindness (2009), compares astro-cycles with market theories and actions – especially between 1979 and 2024. The Secret Language of Astrology (2011) is a beautifully accessible way to begin with astrology.

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Tightening the Belt – Alex Trenoweth

Alex_Trenoweth9th March 2015  8:30pm

Saturn’s current journey through the sign of Sagittarius may make us question our search for the truth: are we on the right path or have we missed the markers completely?

Alex is a London based astrologer, author, teacher and musician who has lectured internationally.

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Mabel Baudot’s ‘Pluto in myth and reality’ – Claire Chandler

Claire Chandler16th March 2015  7pm

Mabel Baudot’s ground-breaking lecture on ‘Pluto in myth and reality’ will be presented by Claire. This lecture was given in 1931, the year after Pluto’s discovery, and is a real insight into how a new planet finds its astrological meaning.

Claire Chandler is a professional software trainer and project manager based in London, England and is particularly interested in mundane astrology and historical cycles. She was president of the Astrological Lodge of London from 2002 to 2008. She graduated in 2012 from the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at University of Wales, Trinity St David.

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Lodge Ritual

ALL_Logo16th March 2015  8:30pm

Lodge Ritual

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Bessie Leo’s ‘Karmic Astrology’ – Wanda Sellar

Wanda_Sellar23rd March 2015  7pm

Wanda will take us back in time to before the Lodge was born with this 1909 talk by Bessie Leo on Karmic Astrology. Anecdotes and the chart of Bessie Leo will enhance this presentation.

Wanda Sellar is the editor of the ‘Astrology & Medicine Newsletter’, and is an ex-President of the Lodge. She has written two books on astrology: ‘The Consultation Chart’, and ‘Introduction to Medical Astrology’. She has recently returned from Japan where she gave a talk on karmic astrology, and a workshop on medical astrology.

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Writing horoscope columns is easy – Kim Farnell

Kim Farnell23rd March 2015  8:30pm

It must be, as so many people do it. But do you really know how a horoscope column is put together? Kim will discuss methods used to write horoscope columns and will share techniques and ideas.

Kim Farnell is currently President of the Astrological Lodge of London and was previously Vice Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain.  She is the author of several books – many of them on astrological subjects – and a frequent speaker at astrological events. Kim studied horary astrology with Olivia Barclay and is primarily interested in astrological history and traditional astrological techniques. She gained a Masters degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology in 2005 and her Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1990.

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Open Evening – Free Admission

Astrolodge8th September 2014 — 7pm

Ever wondered what we do at the Lodge? Come to our Open Evening and find out. Open Evening is geared towards new and recent members, and provides an opportunity to meet like-minded astrologers and find out more about the lodge. The evening begins with a welcome address from the President, Kim Farnell, who will tell you about what’s coming up for the lodge and answer any questions you might have. But instead of simply telling you what we do, we’d like to show you. So we’ll start off with a brief chart discussion for everyone to join in – that includes absolute beginners. Then it’s up to you. You can have a short reading from one of our astrologers. Or if you fancy something different, how about a tarot reading, palm reading or having your fortune told with traditional methods? Lodge members will be available to discuss astrology and Lodge activities. Or you can get to know some of the other people attending. We’ll stop for a short refreshment break at 8 pm and then reconvene for further readings and a final short chart discussion. Entry is free for those who simply want to attend and chat to like-minded people. A small charge will be made for readings. We look forward to meeting you!

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1066 versus 1776 – Ken Bowser

Kenneth_Bowser15 September 2014 — 7pm

Era to era comparisons are best viewed in a sidereal format which preserves aspects eroded, and eventually erased by precession. This talk will show the astrological symbolism the Anglo-American relationship—what historians and politicians often call “the special relationship.”
Kenneth Bowser, author of An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology, has studied both astrology and ancient history for over forty years. Known for his careful scholarship in the field of ancient astrology, Ken lectures at astrological conferences in the US and Europe and regularly teaches classes on a variety of astrological subjects. His articles have appeared in American Astrology magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, The Siderealist, The Traditional Astrologer, Continuum, Realta, and The NCGR Newsletter. He can be reached at

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Harrogate Convention

crown16th May 2015

In 1936 the first ever British astrological conference was hosted by the Lodge in Harrogate. In memory of this, and to thank our friends in the north for their support over the years, we are holding a convention at the Crown Hotel, Harrogate.

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Healing Seminar

heal28th June 2015

How to live to be 100

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