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The Astrological Lodge of London is the foremost learning institution for the study of astrology in all its cultural, astronomical and historical use in divination. Astrologers throughout the world come to us to learn and discuss the workings of the celestial universe. Founded in 1915 by Alan Leo for the study of astrology, the Astrological Lodge of London is an educational charity since 1987.

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The Lodge provides regular beginners’ classes in astrology and evening lectures on advanced astrological techniques and the analysis of celebrity and mundane horoscopes, as well as social functions and day seminars on astrological subjects presented by experienced practitioners.

Spring Programme
12th January 2015 – 23rd March 2015

Programme Co-ordinator: Sue Farebrother

  • John-Green

    Role concepts in Astrology – John Green

    2nd February 2015 7 PM

    A talk entitled ‘Role concepts in Astrology’ by Roger Elliott will be presented by John Green, exploring psychological astrology in 1971. John will also explore Roger’s chart in the light of this subject.

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  • Israel_Ajose

    The Moon: our mother and our nature – Israel Ajose

    2nd February 2015 8:30 PM

    The natal Moon shows us our emotional responses, our early environment, and our experience of mother. We shall explore our Moons for an understanding of this darker and mysterious part of ourselves.

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  • Andrew Morton

    Charles Carter and Dennis Elwell compare Pluto – Andrew Morton

    9th February 2015 7 PM

    Charles Carter and Dennis Elwell compare notes on Pluto in 1970. Andrew will present their views along with a look at their immense contribution to astrology.

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  • Gill Dorren

    The Future of Astrology – Gill Dorren

    9th February 2015 8:30 PM

    Gill will look at how astrology may evolve in the 21st century using the tools of Harmonics and Karmic astrology. She will also look at the Galactic centre and other galaxies.

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  • Bernard Eccles

    Charles Carter’s ‘Saturn in the 12 signs’ – Bernard Eccles

    16th February 2015 7 PM

    Bernard will recreate the thinking of the 1930s with this classic lecture from then Lodge President Charles Carter entitled ‘Saturn in the 12 signs.’ Carter’s chart and a lively summary of his work will enhance Bernard’s presentation.

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  • SonalSachdeva

    Male and female planets – Sonal Sachdeva

    16th February 2015 8:30 PM

    Sonal will explore the distribution of a chart’s planets in male or female signs, which show where your energies lie, and whether the person is predominantly passive or active.

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  • Gill Dorren

    Alan Leo’s ‘Mars: the War Lord’ – Gill Dorren

    23rd February 2015 7 PM

    Gill will share a true classic from the founder of the Lodge – a talk by Alan Leo dating back a hundred years on the fascinating subject of Mars: the War Lord. Leo’s chart will be explored.

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  • Sue Farebrother

    Putting the chart together – Sue M Farebrother

    23rd February 2015 8:30 PM

    Every astrologer has their own method for synthesising the complex information in a chart. Sue will consider ways to find the themes and make a chart into a coherent whole.

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  • JulianVenables

    John Addey’s ‘Fundamentals of astrology’ – Julian Venables

    2nd March 2015 7 PM

    John Addey’s views on the ‘Fundamentals of astrology’ originally presented in 1953, will be presented by Julian, along with a look at Addey’s chart.

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  • Simon Posner

    Whole chart discussion – Simeon Posner

    2nd March 2015 8:30 PM

    Simeon and friends will bring some charts and inspire the Lodge audience to participate in a whole room chart discussion, for an animated evening of astrology talk.

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  • Roy Gillett

    Ronald Davison’s ‘Astrological Principles in Western Astrology’ – Roy Gillett

    9th March 2015 7 PM

    Roy will deliver a lecture from the 1980s by former Lodge president Ronald Davison on the subject of ‘Astrological Principles in Western Astrology’. Roy will link Davison’s chart to his lecture.

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  • Alex_Trenoweth

    Tightening the Belt – Alex Trenoweth

    9th March 2015 8:30 PM

    Saturn’s current journey through the sign of Sagittarius may make us question our search for the truth: are we on the right path or have we missed the markers completely?

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  • Claire Chandler

    Mabel Baudot’s ‘Pluto in myth and reality’ – Claire Chandler

    16th March 2015 7 PM

    Mabel Baudot’s ground-breaking lecture on ‘Pluto in myth and reality’ will be presented by Claire. This lecture was given in 1931, the year after Pluto’s discovery, and is a real insight into how a new planet finds its astrological meaning.

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  • ALL_Logo

    Lodge Ritual

    16th March 2015 8:30 PM

    Lodge Ritual

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  • Wanda_Sellar

    Bessie Leo’s ‘Karmic Astrology’ – Wanda Sellar

    23rd March 2015 7 PM

    Wanda will take us back in time to before the Lodge was born with this 1909 talk by Bessie Leo on Karmic Astrology. Anecdotes and the chart of Bessie Leo will enhance this presentation.

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  • Kim Farnell

    Writing horoscope columns is easy – Kim Farnell

    23rd March 2015 8:30 PM

    But do you really know how a horoscope column is put together? Kim will discuss methods used to write horoscope columns and will share techniques and ideas.

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  • crown

    Harrogate Convention

    16th May 2015

    In 1936 the first ever British astrological conference was hosted by the Lodge in Harrogate.

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  • heal

    Healing Seminar

    28th June 2015

    How to live to be 100

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  • union

    Centenary Party

    13th July 2015

    At the Union pub, George Street, London W1U 8PA

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  • treasure

    Treasure Hunt

    1st August 2015

    Discover London’s hidden treasures on an astrological treasure hunt

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  • bright

    Brighton Convention

    26th September 2015

    One day seminar hosted jointly with the Brighton Astrology Group

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  • ALL_Logo

    Cyber Convention

    17th October 2015

    Our first online conference offers five lectures and you can book single talks or the whole day. (Don’t worry, there will be tea breaks!) Numbers will be limited, allowing for questions and discussion, so please book early.

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  • Painter-Stainers

    Astrologers Feast

    17th December 2015

    Join us in our centenary celebration as we recreate this event from the golden age of astrology.

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